Game of Thrones season 6: Extra reveals what life is really like on set - 'You begin to think everything is real'

Felipe Ferri played a servant during King Joffrey's wedding feast in season four

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Some 3,500 fans queued up in Spain for the chance to be a Game of Thrones extra earlier this summer but while seemingly everyone wants to get involved with season six, most have little idea what the job actually involves.

They will be needed from 3 to 18 September and paid just $50 (£35) per day, but according to one extra who helped out in season four's dramatic Purple Wedding scene, it was "an amazing experience".

Felipe Ferri describes himself as a "hardcore Game of Thrones fan" and shared his story in response to a question on Quora. He played a servant during King Joffrey's wedding feast and shot scenes for the hit HBO series in Croatia's stunning coastal city of Dubrovnik.

"The five days I spent on the set were amazing. They were intense - we had to meet at a pickup point at 4am and were dropped off at the same point at 7pm, but everything was so exciting that even the long hours didn't matter," he wrote.

"We spent the whole day in costumes and it was amazing to be surrounded by noble men and women, soldiers, servants and maids."

Felipe Ferri spotted on camera in Game of Thrones (Pic: Felipe Ferri)

Ferri became so immersed in Thrones life that he began to think the actors in armour were really soldiers, despite knowing that they were regular people.

"It is funny that you kinda begin to think that everything is real," he said. "It is kinda scary, if you think about it. It was also extremely funny the anachronisms that you see in a place like that. Though your brain is starting to accept that you are in a medieval world, suddenly when you look to the side you see a servant typing on his iPhone."


Ferri had only read one of George RR Martin's books before heading out to Croatia, so was left shocked by the plot's dramatic developments. Spoiler alert, but one he was prepared to roll with, especially as the cast was so "extremely nice".

"I had the rare opportunity to see that little p**ck King Joffrey choke to death a dozen times just a few paces from me!" he wrote. "It wasn't me who poured his wine though."

Game of Thrones is expected to return next spring.