Game of Thrones season 6: Maisie Williams on Jon Snow being alive: 'There's a great twist'

Could he be a Whitewalker?

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With season six of Game of Thrones drawing ever closer, more and more questions are being raised about just how Jon Snow will be back. (We say will, he may not be but all the signs so far point to him being back in some capacity.)

Arya Stark actress Maisie Williams has revealed new details about the character’s death, saying during the UK Critics' Circle Awards: "There's a great twist, but I can't say that he's going to be alive.”

What does that mean? Well, it means he will almost definitely be back, but we’re unsure in what capacity.

Most people believe Snow will be back as a Whitewalker, one of the undead winter warriors we’ve seen countless times throughout the series.

There’s also the chance that Melisandre - The Red Woman - may bring him back from the dead.

We’ve previously seen the Red Priest Thoros of Myr bring back Berick Dondarrion countless times using the same magical powers she has, so perhaps this may happen to Jon. 

However, Williams clearly hints he won’t be alive anymore, making the first option much more likely. Plus, the latter of the two seems almost too feasible to be a big twist. Jon Snow leading an army of the dead then? One can only dream.

Game of Thrones is back on the 24 April, and will be simulcast on both HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK.