George Michael: Watch the singer crush Queen's ‘Somebody to Love’ as a smiling David Bowie looks on

It was his proudest moment but mixed with 'real sadness'

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He said it was the most difficult song he had ever sung in his life, but boy did George Michael do it justice.

The singer, who died on Christmas Day at the age of 53, performed at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium in April 1992, singing ‘Somebody To Love’ with the rest of Queen.

A video of him rehearsing for it backed by the band is circulating this morning following his death, in which he bravely steps into Mercury’s shoes and manages to nail the vocally acrobatic song, with David Bowie (whom 2016 also claimed) and Seal applauding in the background.

“It’s ridiculous,” Michael said of the song, “one minute it’s up here, one minute it’s down there…”

As for getting to perform it live: “It was the proudest moment of my career, but mixed with real sadness,” he explained, not only because of Mercury’s passing but because, at the time, Michael had still not made his homosexuality public, though his then secret-boyfriend would die of an AIDS-related illness a year later.

When Michael eventually performed ‘Somebody To Love’ in front of thousands, Queen were very impressed.

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“George Michael was the best,” Brian May declared. “There’s a certain note in his voice when he did ‘Somebody to Love’ that was pure Freddie.”