Girls season 6 final episode: Lena Dunham breaks down finale, the characters' futures

The show came full circle

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*Girls season 6 episode 10 'Latching' spoilers ahead*

HBO's Girls aired its 62nd and final episode last night, the closing shot seeing Hannah look straight ahead as her son finally breastfed.

On executive producer Judd Apatow's suggestion, the show's penultimate episode was essentially its traditional finale, wrapping up the four girls' stories and having them all meet up, while the finale was slower paced and more offbeat, with co-showrunner Jenni Konner describing it as "the spinoff that will never be".

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Konner and Lena, who discussed the episode's key moments and outlined how they imagine their characters' futures looking.

On the scene in which Hannah scolds a teen she finds crying about not being able to see her boyfriend because her parents want her to do her homework...

Konner: Well, you know, the opening scene of the show ever is her being with her parents, being bratty, getting cut off, asking why she needs money, being the ultimate child not ready to grow up, so I think it was just this idea to show in a very Hannah way a final maturation.

Dunham: And I think that girl is being delusional, as Jenni said, in a very similar way to where we found Hannah. So to be able to have sympathy for what the role of a parent is and how stressful and exhausting it is is huge for her.

On how Hannah will fare as a mum...

Dunham: One the one hand: terrible. But on the other hand: Aren't most of us dealing with the fact that we have moms who either weren't ready to be moms or had some level of resentment about it? Everybody is dealing with the different iteration of pain their mom has handed them. I don't think she's going to be any worse than anybody else.

Konner: Me, too. I also don't think she's the first narcissistic mom in town. So I think she's going to be great. … She's not going to be the most traditional mom of all time, but I think she really will be good.

On the episode's breastfeeding focus...

Konner: That was like this weird pressure that mothers are put under, like this idea that if you can't breastfeed, you're not doing something properly, or if you choose not to. And so we were interested in just telling that conversation. I think we definitely show both sides of it. I don't feel that we're saying, "Now she's a good mom because she can breastfeed" or something like that. It's much more the struggle. It's such a fundamental thing that would make you feel like you're doing it wrong.

On Hannah's baby's name...

We also thought that "Grover" was just odd enough that Hannah would be comfortable with it, while she wasn't also naming her child "Plutonium."

On Jessa and Adam's future...

Konner: I think they're definitely still together now, but I don't know that they're in it for the long haul.

Dunham: I think that they're together for now, and I think that they're probably going to turn out a couple of children. I think they're in it for long enough to really do some damage. I hope it goes great for them.

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