Hacked Peppa Pig website tells kids to 'go to hell'


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The perky, fun-loving and wholesome Peppa Pig appeared to be acting rather out of character when she told visitors to her Facebook page to "go to hell".

But it soon transpired that a hacker had overtaken the animated character's social networking page, which is aimed at young children, posting expletive-filled comments such as "go to hell b****’ and ‘sh*t I love’.

The messages on a Facebook page for Peppa Pig World, a visitor attraction in Hampshire, has outraged parents with its inappropriate spam emails, random links and pictures.

One post, ‘Sasha Grey’s Biggest A$$et’, shows a link to the former American porn actress posing provocatively.

Another image of an exchange of texts that read: ‘As I was saying, go to hell, b****’ received 86 likes.

Further random posts include pictures of cartoon characters, sinister food sculptures and adverts for tanning.

One picture of the Teletubbies, a rival children’s programme, received 184 likes.

Parents have reacted angrily to the hacked page, with several demanding free tickets to the family attraction in compensation.

One user wrote: “Dear tosspot that has hacked this page, get back to your sad life and leave a kid’s page alone.”

Another said: “Seriously…Give up posting this crap. This is a page dedicated to kids. The longer you do this, the quicker the cops (with Facebook’s help) will find you.”

The hack has sparked an internal debate among parents on the page about whether children would be likely to see the posts given the minimum age to sign up to Facebook is 13.

One user posted: “Makes me laugh all these people saying their 5 and 6 year olds are reading this. They should be at school.”

The theme park, located in the New Forest, has rides and play areas based on the show which is shown in around 180 different countries.

A spokeswoman for the attraction site said: “We remain in contact with Facebook and are doing everything we can to resolve the issue. The page has continued to experience spam posts but we are relieved that they appear to be inoffensive at present.

”Regrettably, we currently have no ability to remove the posts or the page itself as the hacker has taken complete control by claiming to Facebook that they were authorised to represent us. Consequently they removed the ability for us to access the fan page.“