Here's 10 minutes of brand new Louis CK stand-up courtesy of SNL

"If God is our father, wheres is our mother?"

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Louis CK's return to Saturday Night Live over the weekend brought both a host of new sketches and a 10-minute monologue, which is the best you're going to get until Louie season 4 gets underway on 5 May.

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The comedian gave a slightly more structured, straight forward joke-filled routine than usual (probably because he was performing for a diverse audience of millions rather a few hardcore fans with a Netflix account), which focused on religion.

Louis pondered the existence of heaven and asked 'If God is our father, then where is our mum?

His guest stint on the long-running show seemed to go down well, on the whole, highlight being the sketches Black Jeopardy and Office Baby Boss.

Louis CK's semi-autobiographical sitcom Louie returns on 5 May with its fourth season.

The show has been off-air for more than a year and a half now, with FX originally ordering 13 episodes but Louis throwing in a 14th as a thank you to fans for waiting.