Here's how Game of Thrones' gruesome deaths were made even gorier in post production

In case you can bear to watch Oberyn's eyes get smooshed one more time

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Game Of Thrones digital compositor Calvin Romeyn has given a glimpse behind the curtain at the HBO show, showing how some its most brutal scenes are achieved without having to explode the heads of any cast members.

GoT's stunning visual effects are shown off in Romeyn's Vimeo showreel, detailing how the purple hue that gave rise to the name 'Purple Wedding' was applied during Joffrey's demise and how Oberyn Martell's trial by combat death was made as disgusting as possible.

Some of the smaller CGI touches are highlighted too, including the insertion of burning arrows during battle sequences and how green screen is used to give the illusion of severed fingers.

Game of Thrones season 4 came to an end on Sunday night with a climactic episode called 'The Children'.

The show has already been renewed for a season 5 and 6, though there is no word yet on an air date for these.

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