'I didn't know whether to laugh or cry'- Twitter responds to Lindsay Lohan on Charlie Sheen's Anger Management


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A few eyebrows were raised when it was revealed in February that two of Hollywood’s most volatile stars, Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, would appear together in Sheen’s US TV series Anger Management.

Lohan played herself in the episode, which aired last night in America, as a romantic interest for Sheen’s character Dr Charlie Goodson.

After reports of Lohan’s tardiness on set, illness and even an alleged theft, there was a mixed reaction to her appearance in the show on Twitter.

Some thought the actress- due to enter rehab in May- stole the show, while others commented that the two actors famed for alcohol and drug misuse were well suited to each other. One tweeter said watching the two together was “like watching the worst train wreck/ nightmare mashup ever”.