I'm A Celebrity 2013 contestants: Annabel Giles

Who has left luxury behind to face the bushtucker trials down-under?

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Annabel Giles, 54, former model

Who? Annabel is a British model, comedienne, author and presenter. Her career highlight was an exclusive contract with make-up brand Max Factor.

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Why take part?: She wants to "dispel the rumours that all posh people are like David Cameron and George Osborne".

What she says: The jungle will be "better than going to a health spa". "I couldn’t bear lounging around in towelling dressing gowns. This will be exciting for me." Urm...will it?

Ideal campsite comrade: He's unlikely to be her 'ideal' jungle mate, but Annabel is still good friends with her ex-husband, Band Aid pioneer Midge Ure.

Phobias: Well for a start, Annabel hates camping. She's going into the I'm A Celebrity jungle, and she doesn't like camping. "I have had to stop thinking about it because if I do, I wind myself up into a frenzy and I keep wondering what on earth I have done".

Most likely to humilate herself: Complaining about camping, when camping is a fundamental part of the show! “I do think I will play the head girl role in the camp. I will jolly everyone along.” Whether they'll be happy to be "jollied along" remains to be seen.

Looking forward to: By the sound of things, coming home again! Annabel can't wait for the first cup of tea after leaving the jungle.

Odds of a jungle romance?: She has declared herself "a single mother on benefits" but is thought to have a partner.