I'm A Celebrity 2013 contestants: Steve Davis

Who has left luxury behind to face the bushtucker trials down-under?

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Steve Davis, 56, snooker star

Who? Six times former Snooker World Champion and winner of more professional titles in the sport than any other player.

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Why take part?: Not bothered with the fame, Steve wants to test his inner-strength and have a laugh. “Like many viewers, I would like to know, faced with a plate of animal innards or a cockroach-filled space helmet, whether I could handle it.”

What he says: “My biggest fear actually is not being able to stop swearing!”

Most likely to humilate himself: Trying to teach his campmates snooker without a table and cues or playing the joker and getting on their nerves.

Ideal campsite comrade: Almost certainly not Joey Essex. “I despise self-centred people”, he admits.

Phobias: Steve has kept what he's afraid of a secret in an effort to avoid the bushtucker trials, but is concerned he'll be unable to stop swearing.

Looking forward to: Saving some money will roughing it with the other celebrities in the jungle!

Odds of a jungle romance?: Steve is in a long-term relationship and is father to two sons.