I'm a Celebrity: the Coming Out Show


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EastEnders star Charlie Brooks was crowned Queen of the jungle on Saturday, but ITV spun out another hour of content with ‘I’m a Celebrity: the Coming Out Show’.

The episode charts the exit of each celeb leaving the jungle as they are greeted by their nearest and dearest at the end of a footbridge before being driven to their hotel, where they are immersed back into the real world by reading the press coverage they received back home. It is after all why they appeared on the show.

Nadine Dorries MP, first to leave the jungle, is more than candid about this. While her placid husband Chris sits calmly in their hotel room reading his Financial Times, Dorries is swift to tell the camera: “I’ve now got front page of a national newspaper, I’m writing the leader page for a very well established political magazine, I’ve got a commitment to a regular newspaper column. I’ve got exactly what I wanted from this.” Dorries, we never doubted you for a moment.

But it was Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor who Dorries says really pushed her over the edge. Sitting in the back of the car with Chris shortly after exiting the jungle, she says: “Hugo I found the most testing, he was in the mould of Cameron and Osborne…posh and arrogant…so that was about it for me.”

Hugo did not hold back on leaving the jungle, swiftly snogging his girlfriend and fellow MIC star Nat Joel at the end of the bridge. In the back seat of the car, between lying prostrate on Nat and telling her “I’ve never missed anybody more in my life” he tearfully reads a letter from his mum, which begins: “Darling Hugo, bravo, bravo.  All the family support your rite of passage with admiration and are full of heart sharing the daily trials and tribulations of the jungle odyssey.” You get the drift.

At the end we see the I’m a Celebrity afterparty hosted in a nowheresville Australian hotel. Charlie Brooks, who is hard to dislike with her robust, cheerful approach, tells the crowd: “This is one of the hardest physical challenges I’ve ever done. You had to dig deep, find strength and get through. It’s been a great achievement.” Dorries’ last thoughts on the programme? “In a few weeks people won’t remember my press but they’ll remember my name”.