Jeremy Clarkson's new Amazon Prime Top Gear show still doesn't have a name but James May won't deny 'Gear Knobs'

'I'd love to be able to say 'Yes, it's called C**ks in Cars', but it isn’t'

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Former Top Gear-host James May has put doubt over whether his upcoming car show with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond will be called Gear Knobs.

Speaking to the BBC, he said the trio had got “nowhere” with the show and the only thing the y may possibly have ready is “an office to work from”.

"We haven't got a name. We haven't decided on the content...any of that stuff. So, honestly, nothing, nothing has happened.

"I'm not just saying that to put you off. I'd love to be able to say 'Yes, it's called C**ks in Cars', but it isn’t. That’s not a bad idea actually.”


Amazon Prime will be releasing the show after Jeremy Clarkson fell out with BBC after an infamous ‘fracas’ with one of the shows producers.

Earlier this month the trade mark for the name ‘Gear Knobs’ was reportedly registered by Clarkson’s law firm Olswang. Other name’s registered include ‘Gear Nobs’ and ‘Speedbird’.

The show is reported to have a £160 million budget for it’s 36 episodes, giving the trio around £4.5 million for each episode.