Lucy Beale killer: US teenager Bobbie Beale asks 'why are people from Scotland tweeting to say I killed someone'


The Californian received dozens or irate tweets asking why she killed her sister

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After a year-long search to find Lucy Beale’s killer, the culprit was finally revealed to be her 11-year-old brother Bobby last night.

While many responded to the ‘big reveal’ by posting memes on Twitter poking fun at the child killer, one Twitter user didn’t find the news quite so amusing.

Bobbie Beale, a teenager from California, received dozens of tweets asking her why she killed Lucy.

The American was so confused she tweeted to say: “Why are three people from Scotland that I don’t know, tweeting me about killing someone named Lucy….” Her tweet has since gained more than 16,000 retweets and 12,000 favourites.

After a number of confused interchanges with irate British viewers, she tweeted a picture of herself with the hashtag “#IdidntKillLucy”, adding: “Making the best out of the situation by posting a selfie”.

It later emerged that the teenager’s dog is in fact called Lucy.

EastEnders has been celebrating its 30th anniversary with a week of semi-live shows, which will culminate tonight in a fully live episode that will explore the aftermath of the not-so-shocking reveal.

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