Miranda Hart to hobble through Strictly Come Dancing challenge


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Miranda Hart prepares to pop on a skimpy sequinned costume after being landed with a Strictly Come Dancing challenge - within hours of even getting back on her feet following a stumble in her heels.

The comedy actress is taking on a series of tasks throughout the week for Comic Relief in various locations around the country and tonight she will have to dance with Strictly professional Pacha Kovalev.

Hart was left in agony ahead of her first stunt for Miranda's Mad March when she fell over while wearing high heels after arriving in Newcastle and required hospital treatment.

The injury ate into her practising time for a world record attempt on live TV last night - to wax the armpits of burly rugby players - which she failed.

She was told this morning that her next challenge would be to perfect the dance routine to Time Of My Life, as seen in the movie Dirty Dancing.

Asked whether that might be some women's idea of heaven, she told BBC Breakfast: "It is, if you haven't only just been able to stand up after 36 hours."