Netflix has surprising impact on relationships, survey shows

27 per cent of the sample insist that enjoying the same TV shows is important

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If you’re searching for a soul mate but find that your Tinder dates stop responding to your frequent-but-not-too-frequent text messages after you let them know about your love of Marvel films, there could be a reason for that.

No, not because you believe Thor could beat Superman (which is an outrageous claim in itself), but because they just don’t want to Netflix and chill to the same things as you, which is a big deal.

According to survey done by Netflix (of course), 25 per cent of people will find a person more attractive based on the TV shows they watch, while 27 per cent insist that enjoying the same shows is important. 

The study – which asked 1,008 Americans aged 18-39 various questions based on who they found attractive in relation their Netflix activities – found that 13 per cent would ask someone out solely based on sharing a similar taste in film.

They also found that 58 per cent of people had added shows or films to their online profile in an attempt to attract a potential suitor.

Sharing your Netflix password was seen by 51 per cent of the sample as meaning the relationship was serious, while 17 per cent said they would not share their Netflix details until they were engaged.

72 per cent of those who were married said spending a night in watching Netflix with their partner was one of their favourite pastimes.

According to a spokesperson for the service, the results are accurate to an interval of plus/minus 3.5 percentage points.

So, if you're really into someone, remember that your film and TV preferences could make or break you relationship.