Netflix lands German Hitler ‘comeback’ comedy Looks Who’s Back

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Netflix has struck a deal on German box office hit Look Who’s Back, a Borat-style comedy that sees Adolf Hitler return to the streets of Berlin.

The streaming service has the rights to the film for nearly all of its territories, except Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan and Taiwan.

Look Who’s Back sees the dictator wake up in modern day Germany and struggle to find work.

It was directed by David Wnendt and stars Oliver Masucci, who was shocked by some of the responses to his costume.

“People clustered around me,” he previously told The Guardian. “One told me she loved me, and asked me to hug her. One, to my relief, started hitting me.”

“Yes, bring back labour camps,” another person told him.

“During shooting, I realised: I didn't really have to perform - people felt a need to talk, they wanted to pour their hearts out to a fatherly Hitler who was listening to them.

"I found it disturbing how quickly I could win people over. I mean, they were talking to Hitler."

The deal was announced by Constantin Film and Beta Cinema, with the movie debuting on Netflix on 9 April.

It follows the success of Amazon Prime dystopian Nazi series The Man in the High Castle, which envisioned a world in which Hitler won the Second World War.

Look Who’s Back is based on Timur Vermes’ bestselling novel, which has been published in over 40 countries.