Orange Is The New Black season 3: Nicky's backstory is filming in Queens, New York

Netflix show is shooting outside a cafe

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Orange Is The New Black will finally delve into Nicky Nichols' backstory in season 3, with Natasha Lyonne being spotted filming scenes outside of Litchfield in the Astoria neighbourhood of Queens, New York this week.

Nicky has been such a charismatic and important character in OITNB thus far, but we've seen relatively little about her life pre-prison.

We know she comes from an affluent family and is somewhat estranged from her mother after being raised by a nanny, but we've yet to see how she developed a drug addiction (which led to open heart surgery) or exactly what crimes landed her in Litchfield.

Plot info regarding season 3 is fairly scarce at the moment, other than that we can safely assume Vee is dead (Lorraine Toussaint is off to join ABC crime drama Forever) and that we will see more of Alex Vause who was somewhat absent in season 2.

Production is still in the early stages though and the finer points haven't all been pinned down, with Larry Bloom actor Jason Biggs admitting only a couple of weeks ago: "It’s very unclear at this point, even for me".

OITNB is expected to return to Netflix in 2015.