Pharrell Williams to guest star in The Simpsons

The singer will come to the rescue of Springfield's city-pride anthem

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Pharrell Williams – and his hat – are about to play a cameo role in The Simpsons.

The musician joins Michael Jackson, Aerosmith and Johnny Cash as the latest artist to guest star on the show.

Williams’ Simpsons avatar will debut in an episode titled “Walking Big & Tall” on Sunday 8 February in the US, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The episode will see the singer drafted in to help write a city-pride anthem for Springfield after it emerges the original composer shopped the same song to other cities.

Not only does Lisa try to come to the rescue, but Pharrell also appears and offers to write a new anthem for the town.

The instalment is based on a true story about a Milwaukee TV station in the Eighties hiring a composer to write a song for the local town.

Williams joins other confirmed star guests for the latest series, including Sarah Silverman and the cast of Futurama.

The Simpsons, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last month, is the longest-running animated comedy show of all time.

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