Police investigate screaming at house, turns out family were just watching The Walking Dead

Officers surrounded the house following reports of "loud noises and gun shots"

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Members of a family were so shocked by the mid-season premiere ofThe Walking Dead that concerned neighbours called the police worried for their well-being.

CNN's KRTV has reported how the Great Falls Police Department in Montana responded to a call that claimed there were loud noises and gunshots coming from a nearby residence. When authorities entered, they found the family watching the episode with the volume up and the windows open. 

The loud noises were presumably the resulting screams of disbelief at the events that occurred within the particularly intense episode.

Great Falls Police Department Sergeant Brian McGraw announced that such was the extremity of the disturbance that officers surrounded the premises, some with their weapons drawn. The house had "loud noises" and "flashing lights" coming from inside.

He said it was later brought to his attention that the family members were watching the mid-season premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead. No further action was taken.

Following the episode, Andrew Lincoln - who plays Rick Grimes - discussed the grisly events which saw yet another character cull.