Politically Incorrect: Jessica Hynes goes from Siobhan Sharpe to menopausal local councillor

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Ok guys, here’s the thing. Jessica Hynes, who perfected the art of PR-babble as Siobhan Sharpe in the BBC sitcom Twenty Twelve, will return to the screen as a menopausal local councillor in Politically Incorrect next month.

Hynes has written the one-off drama for Sky Atlantic’s new series Common Ground, a set of 10 short comedy films set on the same street. Her character, Patricia, a buxom frump in a blonde wig who constantly makes “terrible work and life decisions”, grew out of a cameo appearance in Chris O’Dowd’s comedy Moone Boy earlier this year. She is near unrecognisable in the role. 

Elsewhere in the series, Charles Dance will play an ageing rock tour manager (in full leathers),  Johnny Vegas a reluctant tattoo artist and Downton Abbey’s Brendan Coyle will pop up as a policeman. Among the comedy talents writing and starring in the series are Dan Skinner (better known as Angelos Epithemiou), Katy Brand and newcomers, Totally Tom, Adam Riches and Hunderby’s Daniel Taylor.

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