Pub quiz host witnesses 'best cheating ever' with Breaking Bad question

Nee Lambert definitely didn't win any Emmys for the show

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In an age when internet-connected smartphones are essentially surgically attached to our hands and it’s not even rude anymore to have them out at all times, the pub quiz has become very exposed to cheating.

The correct answer is only a very swift Google away, and hard to call out when people can insist they were just sending a WhatsApp.

One contestant got caught out for the dumbest reason in Newcastle this week though - asked: “What is the name of the actress who plays Styler White [in Breaking Bad]?” they wrote “Nee Lambert”.

‘Who the hell is Nee Lambert?’ host Cheish Merryweather thought while grading papers, so decided to look the actress up.

She found that the top result (Wikipedia) for ‘Skyler White’ has ‘née Lambert’ in parentheses after the character name, referencing her maiden name and not the actress that the contestant must have suspected (Skyler was played by Anna Gunn).

This is probably not the first time it’s happened. Somewhere out there Friends’ Monica Bing has been played by a ‘Nee Geller’ and House of Cards’ Claire Underwood a ‘Nee Hale’.