Following the London Bridge terror attack last weekend, Donald Trump launched a Twitter tirade against Mayor Sadiq Khan stoking fear when Londoners refused to relinquish hope. Samantha Bee is not impressed and expressed her anger in the opening monologue of the latest episode of Full Frontal.

The host took aim at Trump for his response which saw him revive mention of his Muslim travel ban, as well as morning news show Fox and Friends who feared the worst in their coverage of the incident which killed eight and left over 40 injured.

Bee compared the UK's response to 9/11 - “a touching show of solidarity” - with the coverage served by the cable news show which has stood by Trump throughout his presidency: “Basically by sending London a f*ck you card saying 'Be more terrified'.

Bee continues: “London does not need us to tell them to be scared, pumpkin spice,” she continued. “They've been weathering invasions, attacks and dark wizards since before America even existed.”

You can watch the full monologue above.