Simon Cowell confirms 'surreal' dog hypnotism at Britain's Got Talent auditions

The audience was also convinced that presenters Ant and Dec were naked

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Simon Cowell has confirmed reports that he was hypnotised by a dog on Britain’s Got Talent. Yes, a dog hypnotised the reality TV show’s judge.

Cowell was reported to have collapsed after telling fellow panellists Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams that he felt “weird” after meeting the dog at auditions in Manchester.

“I got hypnotised by a dog two weeks ago,” he told London Live. “The dog hypnotised me, it was surreal. Into being what I don’t know, but honestly.”

Presenters Ant and Dec were also hypnotised into forgetting the number seven when asked to count from one to ten. Even worse, the dog is rumoured to have convinced the studio audience that the award-winning duo were stark naked on-stage, which must have been…interesting.

“It hypnotised some members of the audience and made them think we were naked,” Dec reportedly told The Sun. “One of them said I had a tiny willy and another woman said she was disgusted and will never let children watch us on television again.”


The secrets to the dog’s magic powers remain unknown, as does whether or not his female owner will be bringing him to the live shows.

Cowell is a big fan of the animal acts and we expect the dog left him little option but to steer well clear of his red buzzer.

Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV this spring.