Steve Harvey's new show Funderdome gets leaked, no-one downloads it

The first eight episodes were uploaded to torrent sites

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TheDarkOverlord (TDO), the hacking group behind the Orange is the New Black leak, has returned with more stolen TV content, this time targeting ABC show Steve Harvey's Funderdome.

But unlike the new season of the Netflix show, interest didn't seem to be very high in the Family Feud host's new vehicle.

Following TDO's upload to The Pirate Bay on Monday night, TorrentFreak reported that there were "less than a dozen peers reported on the torrent". At the time of writing on this story, the torrent has one seeder and zero leechers.

"Oh wow, a show literally NOBODY is waiting to see that is scheduled to start airing in a week anyway," one commenter wrote.

TDO posted the first eight episodes of the show after failing to obtain ransom money from ABC.

“We approached ABC with a most handsome business proposal, but we were so rudely denied an audience," it told TF. "Therefore, we decided to bestow a gift upon the good people of the internet."