The Killing star Sofie Grabol reveals that she received treatment for breast cancer

Danish actress who played detective Sarah Lund is raising awareness for a campaign on Denmark's TV2

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The Danish actress Sofie Grabol, star of Bafta-winning crime drama The Killing, has announced that she received treatment for breast cancer.

Speaking as part of a campaign on Denmark’s TV2 raising awareness of cancer, the woman behind detective Sarah Lund said she was “doing well” after a diagnosis in December and subsequent surgery and chemotherapy.

Grabol, 45, appears in TV2’s campaign trailers with much shorter hair following her treatment, and is set to use the broadcasts to tell Danish women that breast cancer affects one in nine, while one in three will experience cancer of some kind during their lives.

“In December last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” she said in a statement issued on the TV2 website.

“I have been treated with surgery and chemotherapy. It has been a hard process, but I am healthy now and doing well. I am glad to be a part of Crack Cancer Campaign and thus could give my support for the good cause.”

Gråbøl has said in the past that while she and her character Lund share a love of their now trademark Faroe Island-style jumpers, in other ways she has a very different outlook on life.

The success of The Killing has led to a US remake being made – with Gråbøl given a supporting role.