The Simpsons honour Paris attack victims by putting subtle Peace for Paris symbol in ‘Lisa with an ’S’ episode

The show previously paid tribute to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attacks

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The Simpsons was once heralded by John Cooper Clarke as being his favourite show for its mix of humour and political commentary.

In its latest episode, ‘Lisa with an ’S’, the show proved once again how poignant it can be by paying a touching yet subtle tribute to the people of Paris.

Around the half-way mark in the show, a billboard reading “Lafayette: The Musical” is shown, and with it is the now-iconic image of the Eiffel tower within the peace sign.

The symbol was created by Jean Juliet to show unity around the world for the people of France after the tragic terrorist attacks tat killed over 130.

Speaking about the worldwide use of his symbol, Julien told CNN: “The response has been overwhelming, especially since I didn't have any control over it.

“But I can't feel pride or happiness because it is such a dark time. It's undesired exposure. A horrible moment. But, I'm just somehow glad people made use of it."

The Simpson has often paid tribute to victims of past attacks, earlier this year honouring those of the Charlie Hebdo attacks by featuring Maggie Simpson holding a french flag with the words “Je Suis Charlie”.