The Truman Show is getting its own TV series

Film about TV show lands its own TV show, confusingly

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The Truman Show, that Jim Carrey film you can't help but re-watch whenever it's shown on TV, now has a series based on it in development at Paramount.

Details about it are scant to say the least, with the TV show being in the early stages of development and not yet attached to a network.

It will be 'inspired by' the 1998 film, The Wrap reports, which sees a man's gradual realisation that he is part of a vast reality TV show which everyone is in on except him.

The adaptation could draw out the period in which Truman is blissfully ignorant, meaning it would be like watching an episode of the show as the characters in the bar, bath etc do in the movie, with the reveal coming later in the series.

It may also be very loosely 'inspired by' the film, and it would be easy to see it pitched towards drama and even horror rather than comedy.

Whatever the tone, a limited series is likely for the form of the show (essentially a miniseries), after it proved so popular for True Detective and other recent shows.

Further proving originality is dead in Hollywood, Paramount is also working on a Terminator reboot for the small screen.