The Walking Dead season 7 episode 12: The 5 major talking points from 'Say Yes'

*Spoilers for season 7 episode 12 follow*

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The Walking Dead season seven has continued with something of a departure episode focusing largely on Rick and Michonne's attempts to acquire weaponry for their war against The Saviours.

Instead of continuing where last week's episode left off - Eugene seeming to have joined Negan - this week's outing, titled 'Say Yes,' only features a small number of the series' large ensemble, including Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Tara (Alanna Masterson). 

Below are the episode's five major talking points. You can read last week's here.

Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12 Preview

The zombie carnival

While out on a supply run, Rick and Michonne come across a disused carnival riddled with walkers, some of which were soldiers pre-apocalypse while others have their hands tied behind their backs. Its existence is just one of a number of locations featured in the series whose history would make for a fun show all of its own. "Something serious went on here a long time ago," Michonne tells Rick. in a time where every location has been mapped out, it's always refreshing to see the characters explore chilling new areas.

Michonne will lead if Rick dies

While at the carnival, Rick is thrown into mortal danger when a ferris wheel collapses into the middle of some approaching walkers. All Michonne can see, however, is what she believes to be the horde devouring his body; watching on in disbelief, she drops her katana, ready to be killed herself when she realises they're not eating Rick at all, but a deer. Bursting out of his hiding place, he throws her the sword as she jumps back into action. It's a tense scene and one where director Greg Nicotero really makes you believe - for a split second at least - that the main character's just been killed off. 

A follow-up scene sees Rick telling Michonne that she will have to lead Alexandria if Rick gets killed in his attempts to kill Negan.

Tara tells Rick about Oceanside

With Rick's army growing in numbers, Tara grows even more concerned about sitting on her discovery of Oceanside, the community she promised she would keep a secret after stumbling upon them earlier this season. After battling with her decision, she ultimately decides to reveal all in the hope that he'll manage to recruit them in the upcoming war against Negan.

Jadis runs a tight bargain

After scoring a hefty size of weaponry (63 guns, to be precise), Rick, Michonne and co. head back to the Junkyard to share the loot out with Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) as promised. She takes 20 of Rick's guns, as well as the 'cat' he gifted Michonne a few weeks back, before reiterating they need more guns before helping him fight Negan. Their one-upmanship chemistry is fast becoming the highlight of every episode they're both in.

Rosita and Sasha's suicide mission

The episode ends with Rosita going to the Hilltop to see if Sasha will aid with her mission to kill Negan with a sniper rifle she's acquired. Sasha accepts, but on one condition - that she gets to fires the killing shot. Rosita, accepting that this will most probably be a "one-way ticket" for them both, agrees. Will these two be the next characters to perish? It certainly seems likely.

The Walking Dead season seven continues in the UK on FOX at 9pm. Watch the trailer for next week's Carol-centric episode here.