The Walking Dead season 7 episode 6 'Swear': The 5 major talking points

*Spoilers for season 7 follow below*

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The Walking Dead season seven may be approaching its mid-season break, but first, it's time to catch up with Tara (Alanna Masterson) for the first time since the latter stages of season six - and fortunately, it's better than last week's lacklustre outing.

The last we saw of the character, she had set off to help scavenge for the Hilltop Colony alongside Alexandria resident Heath (Corey Hawkins) leaving the duo absent for the revelatory events surrounding Negan and the ensuing traumatic deaths that have shaped season seven thus far.

This week's episode, titled 'Swear', fills in the gaps of Tara and Heath's whereabouts - and yes, as is becoming the norm, it involves yet another new faction.


This episode sees the introduction of Oceanside. Tara comes across the community after washing up on shore after encountering a horde of walkers on a nearby bridge. Hidden away in woodland, the group - comprised solely of women and young children - are immediately prepared to kill her ("we shoot strangers on sight"). She is eventually led to escape by Cyndie (Sydney Park) but on one condition - she keeps their existence a secret.   

The Saviours are worse than we thought

Only later is their hostility made clear. Cyndie reveals that the Saviours murdered all of their men - husbands, sons, brothers - in cold blood by shooting them in the head. It was this that sparked the survivors to flee into the woods and are so wary of people who stumble upon them. It seems we got off lightly losing just Abe and Glenn...

Actions have consequences

Remember that chilling episode where Rick and co murdered numerous Saviours as they slept at one of Negan's outposts? Those actions shape the theme of this episode with several characters - including Heath - refusing to accept that murder was necessary. Tara soon realises that they people they killed are just a fraction of the size of Negan's clan.

Heath is missing

Tara returns to the bridge where she and Heath were overcome by a horde of walkers. Did he die? Well, after Tara spots his specs on the floor and notices a track leading inland leading her to surmise that Heath is still alive and fending for himself (a plot twist probably inspired by actor Corey Hawkins' upcoming stint as the lead in the upcoming 24 reboot).

Tara's a loyalist

Tara, equipped with a new pair of sunglasses, arrives back at Alexandria. Her relief is short lived however; being met by a grieving Eugene (Josh McDermitt), she soon learns that her girlfriend Denise is dead (courtesy of an arrow through the eye by Dwight in case you're struggling to recall). One person who wastes no time in capitalising on her grief is Rosita (Christian Serratos) who immediately attempts to sign Tara up in her fight against Negan.

She asks Tara if she saw anything outside the walls of Alexandria that could help them; she remains tight-lipped. It seems she's remaining loyal to Oceanside - for now, at least.

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