After months of expectation, fans of The Walking Dead are just days away from finally finding out who the villainous Negan kills, putting an end to all those theories.

However, until the 23rd October when season seven finally starts, theorists will no doubt be going overboard as yet more information is released by FOX.

Thanks to New York Comic-Con, an extended clip from the first episode has been released, showing Negan and Rick Grimes confronting each other. 

Not only does this confirm Rick survives the initial onslaught, but also hints at another plot line that may very well finally be adapted to the small screen.

** Possible spoilers ahead ** Firstly, it should be noted how Rick is wound particularly tight when Negan asks whether the person who dies is his “right-hand man”. This could point to various members of the group, but many believe it to be Glenn or Abraham. 

Second, Rick gets taken off into Negan’s motorhome to receive some sort of punishment; most fans believe his right hand (see what they did there) will be removed. Why? Because in the comic books Rick loses his hand to the Governor yet, when the show told the equivalent story, Rick’s arm remained attached to his body; expect that to no longer be the case. 

Recently, the creator of The Walking Dead explained why the show will end differently to the comic books, adding: "I hope the show ends and the comic keeps going.”

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