True Detective season 1 finale crashes HBO Go due to ‘overwhelming demand’

Ratings have been steadily growing for crime drama

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True Detective reached the conclusion of its first season last night, but so many people were trying to find answers to the Yellow King mystery that it crashed HBO’s Go on-demand service.

The series has transfixed viewers over the last eight weeks thanks to some beautiful cinematography, a twisted crime case and a great performance from the resurgent Matthew McConaughey.

The eighth and final episode “Form and Void” promised answers (no spoilers here, don’t worry), but some users were greeted with a blacked out screen when they tried to load it.

“Did we break HBO Go? A Yellow King conspiracy?” one fan wrote on Twitter, with another adding: “Congratulations to #TrueDetective for being the first show to literally break @HBOGO”.

hbo go.JPG
Many HBO Go users were met with this error message (Picture: Twitter)

HBO GO eventually confirmed at 9.50pm US time that it was experience technical issues due to “overwhelming demand”, though UK viewers using Sky Atlantic and Sky Go will have had no problems.

Last week, McConaughey revealed how he had drawn up a 450-page graph charting the trajectory of his character Rust Cohle to help him prepare for the role.