Twin Peaks: Naomi Watts joins cast of Showtime's revival

Tom Sizemore will also star, with David Lynch reprising his own role in the show as Gordon Cole. 

Twin Peaks fans have suffered a painful few months; wavering between the '90s cult show's return to screen potentially being cancelled after Lynch's departure, before his eventual return readjusted its premiere date for early 2017.

But, boy, is Lynch making it up to them, with each cast announcement sweetening the deal to the point this sugary confection of surreal television has become too irresistible not to salivate over, no matter how long the wait may be. 

Deadline now reports that Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore will be joining the burgeoning cast of David Lynch's Twin Peaks revival over at Showtime. Watts, of course, is already beloved Lynchian alum; bringing to screen the iconically duel identities of Betty Elms and Diane Selwyn in his 2001 film Mulholland Drive

Lynch himself is currently responsible both for the new series' direction, as well as a co-writing credit with co-creator Mark Frost. Yet, it's also now being reported he will reprise his recurring role from the original series as FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole. A gift on top of all the other gifts from Lynch to his fans; his shrieking, hard-of-hearing superior was one the show's most baffling delights, and it's a wonderful surprise to see Lynch so keen to return to the role and spout more conversational gems such as; "That's the kind of girl that makes you wish you spoke a little French."

Watts and Sizemore join other confirmed names Laura Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Amanda Seyfried. Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan, however, are currently the only original cast members officially returned; though it seems extremely likely Sherilyn Fenn, Miguel Ferrer, and Sheryl Lee will feature as rumoured. 

Twin Peaks will premiere on Sky Atlantic in the UK in early 2017.