Watch Netflix in bed for a living

You can get paid to watch Orange is the New Black now

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Netflix is looking for a Tagger in the UK and Ireland, whose job it would be to watch hours of TV and be the first to see new seasons of originals like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black all from the comfort of your own duvet.

It is Taggers' responsibility to assess the genre, tone and personality of content to determine what viewers might want to watch next, helping the streaming service improve its 'You might love Critically-Acclaimed-Emotional-Underdog-movies' type suggestions.

There are currently only 40 Taggers worldwide, and this is the first time Netflix will recruit one in the UK.

"The role will offer flexible hours working from home" the spec for the dream job states, and "would suit those with a passion for films and TV programmes".

While the successful applicant might at times find themselves watching episode after episode of Rugrats (to be fair I'd be okay with that), they will also be among the first to see new Netflix originals.

The company didn't give any indication of salary (which is presumably DOE), thought it is expected to be 'a good amount for the hours', which may be part time, freelance and flexible.

Applicants with a degree in film or film history and/or experience directing, screening writing, filmmaking or writing film criticism are preferred.

Current Netflix Taggers include a mum who speaks fluent Hindi and has worked on several procedural crime shows, a French native and former keyboard player in Stereolab now living in New York who tags French-language content and a film director working on his third feature starring Tim Roth who lives in Mexico City and tags Spanish-language content.