Westworld season 2: Cast member confirms their return to the HBO series

The actor took it upon themselves to announce the news during a radio interview

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*Don't read on if you want to know which character makes it out of season one alive*

The stakes in Westworld have been drastically raised over the HBO series' last few episodes with no telling which way events will transpire.

The premium cable network last week announced that its latest rating smash will return for another run of ten episodes but who was to make it out of this season alive remained unclear.

One cast member has taken it upon themselves to confirm their appearance in the next run of episodes. 

Ed Harris will be returning as the enigmatic Man in Black.

SlashFilm picked up on the actor talking about the series on BBC Radio 4 where he nonchalantly stated:  “Yeah, you know, as a matter of fact, I was just talking to Jonah Nolan last night, who’s a creator of this thing with his wife Lisa Joy, and yeah, they’re doing another season.

"They’re going to do 10 more episodes, and I will be involved.”

Westworld Episode 8 trailer

Westworld has fast become a series inciting feverish excitement and intense debate on websites such as Reddit. While an actor's appearance in a TV series shouldn't really constitute a spoiler, Harris' confirmation could strip a lot of tension from his upcoming seas as this season gears up for its finale - especially considering he's the source of some of the series' most interesting theories.

Earlier this week, co-creator Nolan popped up on Reddit to reply to a fan question with never-before-seen footage.

Westworld - which also stars Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden and Anthony Hopkins - airs in the US on Sundays with its UK premiere following every Tuesday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

Season two is expected to air in 2018.