#BlackMirror: Your reviews of Charlie Brooker's 'The Waldo Moment' in 140 characters


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There was general Twitter apathy for episode three, series two of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror. Fans tweeted messages of disappointment that “The Waldo Moment” didn’t live up to the first two episodes of the second series, and criticised the “clumsy and obvious” satire.

There were many gags to be had about actor Daniel Rigby’s former BT advert fame, and parallels were drawn this morning between Waldo and the Italian election results.


I don't like going to bed disappointed, it's like trying to go to sleep after bad sex. #BlackMirror


Was anyone else left very disappointed by last night's #blackmirror? Great potential, but clumsy and obvious satire.


I thought tonight's Black Mirror was meh, but with this Boris Johnson video circulating, I can't help but draw parallels with him and Waldo


#BlackMirror was ridiculously far fetched last night. Today, the news that a stand up comedian has taken 25% of votes in Italian election.


Last nights black mirror wasn't as good as the others, a bit rushed at the end.. Although it does have a scary link to the Italian elect


He might be depressed being a pretend bear but at least he has fibre optic broadband #blackmirror‏


Latest ep. of Black Mirror is the 1st time I've been disappointed by the series...


Where's waldo? Who cares? The last black mirror was pants. How disappointing‏


Tonight's #BlackMirror started strong, but didn't follow through on its central idea, then tried to cram some worldbuilding in the credits.


Feels unnatural to have Charlie Brooker attack cynicism#blackmirror


not really a fan of #blackmirror tonight. All a bit lazy writing and not particularly relevant/real world.


So #TheWaldoMoment wasn't all I hoped it would be, political satire's been better but the bleak combo of apathy & rage lingers#BlackMirror


everyone needs to watch the third episode of #blackmirror simply because there is a shit tonne of high wycombe


Maybe it misses the point of Black Mirror, but the fact that tonight’s episode was by far the most feasible makes it the best in my opinion.


Just finished the last #BlackMirror . Amazing. you can't compare that to any of the other eps. it was just, harrowing. so true, voter apathy


Tonight's #blackmirror contained probably the most stirring speech on the nature of politics since Peter Finch's in Network.


Black Mirror is always scarily realistic, I could imagine Zingy from EDF Energy leading the same cartoon dictatorship


A shame that #BlackMirror is only three episodes long. Second episode of this series probably the best of all so far.