#butterybiscuitbase: Your 140 character reviews of MasterChef episode one series nine

From custard and courgette desserts to a suspicious date sauce, we look at what the Twittersphere had to say about the new series opener

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#MasterChef was trending last night when the first episode of the ninth series was shown on BBC One.

Tweets mocked the judges’ overuse of the phrase “buttery biscuit base” with Gregg Wallace’s love of fattening food the subject of many an online joke.

There was disgust at the thought of a custard and courgette dessert, apathy towards contestant Dale’s potato fondant and comments that Emily’s thick date sauce resembled poo.

As for the introduction of the new palate test, many of you seemed confident you would excel in the round- while others said they were tiring of the show’s format.

MasterChef continues tonight, 8.30pm on BBC One