Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me, Netflix, TV review: A new stand-up special

Disappointingly this show never quite gets around to life in Uganda itself

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How Americans interact with the rest of the world was the ostensible topic of Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me, a new stand-up special from the US comedian, talk-show host and publishing sensation, which went live on Netflix this weekend.

Handler’s multi-million dollar schtick consists mostly of anecdotes about her bowel movements and one-night stands, delivered with a part-obnoxious, part-exhilarating indifference to the feelings of others. So it would have been interesting to hear her First World thoughts arising from an extended trip to (in her words) “the Aids capital of the world”.

Disappointingly, this hour-long show, recorded in Chicago, never quite gets around to life in Uganda itself, instead covering Handler’s relationship with her gay housemate and fondness for dogs.

Handler deserves our lasting respect for telling Piers Morgan where to get off during an interview on his now-cancelled show, but it seems that will remain her crowning achievement.