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"With latest Doctor Who, I didn't really know what was going on, but that was my fault, or rather, my age."


"Day of the Moon was a good episode, overall. In fact, I would say that it was the best one yet with Matt Smith as the Doctor. Yes, you could pick through the plot and find holes but it's set up to be entertaining and that's exactly what it is. The new alien species were certainly scary enough for the younger viewers, not just through the visuals but psychologically as well. A promising start!"

Stephen Neale

"My wife woke in the night after hearing a noise and immediately thought of 'the Silence' in the latest episode of Doctor Who. It's just as well we record it and watch it after our four- year old daughter goes to bed. The episodes were a brilliant mix of Moon landing/grey aliens myths and Munch's The Scream imagery. Certainly modern Doctor Who at its best and plenty of great storylines running through the episode plots themselves."

Kevin Tex Rouse

"...the Silence are creepy."

Andrew BloodDrunk Scarlett

"Steven Moffat is a master at taking the ordinary and turning it into something truly terrifying... Very interesting indeed."

Penelope Jane Homer

"Pretty typical post-2005 Doctor Who, I thought: strong images, lots of running around and emoting, but when you look back on it you can see lots of holes. So, fun telly for 45 minutes but that's it really."

Martin Bizarro

"The thing about the Silence is that there's those moments, when you've watched something scary (and sometimes when you've not) and you feel like there's something behind you and it makes you feel more scared."

Fiona Bond

"Better monster than we've had in Series 5, and I did love the 'forget' shots, with Amy marking herself."

Rusty Halos RPG

"Out of sight, out of mind. The Silence are not scary because they move so slowly. Not even close to as terrifying as the stone angels that move instantly as you blink. Good alien design though, except fot the hands... really poor effort on the hands!"

Marc Itzler

"Day of the Moon was one of the best episodes yet."

George Arndt

"Is Amy destined to give birth to the Doctor himself? (Also neatly addressing that he can change gender too? question). Do I have to say 'Timey Wimey'? Oh all right then. The emerging theme so far (I know we're only two episodes in) seems to be dualities. The Dead Doctor/Live Doctor, Pregnant Amy/Not Pregnant Amy, River's lasts/Doctor's firsts and last but not least The Roman Rory/Not Roman Rory – with a door in his head? That's got to come back into play later in the season. The Silence are sure to return. We still haven't got to the bottom of what they're up to with that cool Tardis of theirs."

Anton Binder

"Can someone explain why Canton was hunting them at the beginning of the episode? I didn't really get that part."


"Not 15, spotty and without a girlfriend, have normal social skills, no bedroom with black walls. Not qualified to comment."

John Kavanagh

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