Culture Club: Game of Thrones, Sky Atlantic, Monday

Readers review this week's big TV series
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"I adore it! It's quite hard going and complicated at first, but once you get into it it's really worth the mental slog of working out who everyone is."

Nikki Jayne Guest

"I only got five episodes in, will catch up on the rest soon but it was a very credible attempt to film a complex and multi-layered novel.

Can't wait for the next series as A Game of Thrones is the least interesting of the books."

Hagbard Celine

"It was amazing... just if they have another season no character is as strong as Ned (Sean Bean)."

Jake Rubinsky

"It is involving, enthralling and has become a must-see. Even the rude bits."

Ruari McCallion

"An ample budget to maintain an illusion of a fictitious world with suitable props and set dressing. Stunning Irish landscapes top this off with a lush backdrop for what is promising to be another award winning production from HBO."

Mark Harris

"It's been over-hyped, I feel. It's very slow, the premise is quite dull and the acting is patchy. Sean Bean, in particular, seems disinterested and tired of it all – but maybe that's the characterisation and he's supposed to come across that way. "

Joseph McArthur Field

"It's like The Wire meets Lord of the Rings."

Richard Taylor

"Love it. A breath of fantasy-fresh air. It's been good to see so many British actors showcasing their talents. Roll on series two."

Maxine Thinnestofthinice Hayter

"The story and the acting are both fantastic."

Tracey Baxter

"It's original because the unexpected and the taboo actually happen. I've never been so affected by, or engrossed in, a TV show. They're doing something very right with this one."

Jenifer Mangione Vogt

"A new benchmark for fantasy adaptations. I hope HBO can give science fiction the same treatment someday – Asimov's Foundation series would be a great place to start!"

Alex Ross

"As a big fan of the books, I was pleased to see that the essence of the novel has been well preserved, with large chunks of dialogue remaining largely unharmed in the adaptation to the script."

James Addison


Sarah Lamb

"Love the way they just kill off main characters, if the plot requires it."

Brian Reichholf

" I've not wanted a Monday to come round so quickly for ages!"

Nick Garrod

"The acting isn't bad, and unusually for this genre, there are some great roles for women. The costumes are brilliant and sometimes defy belief. Rather a lot of sex and nudity which will not be to everybody's taste. Definately not for viewing by younger children."

Tasmine Lee

"Watched the first three episodes, very slow and badly acted. I promptly removed the series link ."

Bryn Thorburn

"Not quite as boring as the books but close."

Eddie Riff

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