Culture Club: South Riding, BBC1, Sundays

Readers review this week's big TV show
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"Didn't know what to make of it. The start was clunky, the ending rushed. Everything else in the middle was really excellent! A real mixture!"

Ben Richardson

"It started off almost like a parody of an Andrew Davies script, with steam trains and rearing horses, but I thought it got much better. It's a hard novel to dramatise because it's got two elements: the social commentary on Yorkshire and the 1930s and its gothic romance, like something out of the Brontë sisters. Those two things never quite came together. But the one thing that linked them was the performance of Anna Maxwell Martin, who was superb."

Sebastian Knight

"Yes it was quite predictable, the ending trite, but I enjoyed it. Good Sunday night TV. Casting was excellent."

Stacey Marston

"Should have gone on longer. The ending was a bit of a rush but very good."

Barry Scruton

"I started watching at episode two so I'd missed the plot's set up. The actress playing the prissy child Midge was really irritating and so I nearly switched it off. But I thought I'd watch a little bit more and I really enjoyed it. I thought Anna Maxwell Martin was fantastic as Sarah."

Sophie Fellows

"I only watched the first episode when Sarah Burton, played brilliantly by Anna Maxwell Martin, gets the job as headmistress. I did want to know whether she got it together with the local manor lord, Robert Carne, played by David Morrissey. But not enough to bother watching it on the BBC iPlayer, unless I find myself housebound with flu with a lot of spare time on my hands."

Caroline Nile

"I have always had a crush on Anna Maxwell Martin so for me this was heaven."

Craig Hall

"Pure Yorkshire misery."

Alex RIchmond

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