Culture Club: The Kennedys, Thursdays, History

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"You Brits will love the Kennedy story. It has all the pomp, sex, money and power struggles you expect from us colonials. Jackie was our queen, Jack our prince. All very royal in an American way."

Ninth Crusade

"I expected it to be dreadful. It was all right. Not good, but all right."

Chris Humphris

"Too many overacting divas full of themselves. It's not portrayed realistically."

Likkle Flower

"I am left with nothing but disappointment as the deaths of the two brothers were left unexplored. Everything was fine and then it just fishtailed. What was the point of the show if it was to bring nothing new? Overall, just a waste of time."

Alain Roche

"I've watched the first four hours and find it quite interesting... it shows the Kennedys as a family facing real challenges, rather than the make-believe spin that history has placed on them. This was an important time in American history and so far this series has done a nice job laying out the events. We can't take it as 100 per cent accurate, due to many of the conversations not being witnessed. I'm not sure how you do a production like this without taking some of those chances."

Stacey Smith

"It's a bunch of garbage; lies..."

Guido Colacci

"It's the wrong story. The real interest is in Joe Kennedy, played by Tom Wilkinson, who still steals every scene even when he's dead."

Simon Starr

"Anything that casts Katie Holmes immediately loses interest for me."

Ro Riedhammer

"Dull as ditchwater."

Ryan Hall

"Gripping. Why judge it so harshly? "

Joe Romany

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