Game Face, TV review: Roisin Conaty shoves a series' worth of plot into 22 minutes


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Roisin Conaty, last seen dispensing counsel to Greg Davies in Man Down, is now being tested for her own show with this pilot Game Face (Channel 4).

Like Davies's Dan, Conaty's Marcella has taken a social shoeing. Recently dumped, frequently covered in takeaway remnants and with one acting job to her name, she jumps between various humiliations – and one victory – at speed.

It suffered a little from being rather too obviously a pilot, with a series' worth of plot (a date, a driving lesson, a disastrous book club...) shoved into these 22 minutes.

But again, there were laughs. I liked Marcella trying to blag a conversation about The Scarlet Letter solely by riffing on its title and the first point in her speech at her old school ("don't be an arsehole"), but they all just needed a little time to breathe.

Hopefully, it will get the chance to, because Conaty is very funny, and the kind of person who Channel 4 should be offering shows to (especially if you look at the chromosome makeup of the list of characters provided in paragraph one).