Live at the Apollo, BBC 1, TV review: This comedy trio left us wanting more

We knew it was supposed to be funny – and this instalment delivered

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Live at the Apollo (BBC 1) brought us back on to firmer comedic ground.

At least with the Hammersmith-based stand-up show, we knew it was supposed to be funny – and this instalment delivered. On the bill for this opener of the 10th series was the usual mix of TV grandees with a lesser-known sandwiched between – Sarah Millican, Russell Kane and Joe Lycett.

First, the relative rookie: Joe Lycett, a 26-year-old panel show almost-regular. His schtick – camp with a dark edge and catty observation – has garnered comparisons with Julian Clary and Kenneth Williams, but Lycett’s got his own appeal. We’ve all come up against a “Sweaty Sharon”, his council jobsworth, who “looked like a bit of wet scrambled egg in a chair”.

Millican aced her usual self-deprecating Geordie humour detailing domestic trials, delivered in the manner of a gossipy next-door neighbour – with a bit more smut. She’s not afraid of going for others either. “I’ve never toned, I’m nearly 40 and my skin is still on my face, so it’s clearly rubbish,” was her pop at the women’s magazines’ piety over skincare regimens.

Russell Kane reminded us how physicality can add to a turn. His demonstration of an uptight toff climaxing with the words “Daily Telegraph,” is one that stays with you.

Confined to a half-hour slot, the trio left us wanting more, which is the way it should be.