Made in Chelsea NYC, episode 2: It's Mytton meltdown week in the Big Apple

Cue audible groans as Spencer gets an edge over Stevie for Billie's attention

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It’s week two in the Big Apple and the Chelsea gang are still bringing the London name into disrepute the other side of the pond.

Last Sunday’s episode saw the SW3 poshos land in New York on a tidal wave of shopping bags, brunch parties, bowling alleys and skylines.

Now settled into and loving the stateside way of life, we’re given a further insight into the handful of new characters.

Firstly, Alik further cements himself as a truly bizarre human being by answering Louise’s invitation to Fran and Cheska’s leaving drinks with “I haven’t heard of it but I would love to, question mark”. Yes, that’s the words ‘question mark’, not just an intonation. This man is the definition of cringe.

Then there’s the dangerously smarmy Jules, whose life motto is to “be happy, spread happiness and be the best you can be”. Enough said, despite his model looks.

There looks set to be some serious “evils” between Rosie and Lucy as the latter seems to unwittingly be stealing Jules’ attention when Rosie is somewhat loved-up. Come on Luce, it’s absolutely Rosie’s turn (Jules’ lack of interest aside).


Elsewhere, Stevie is still trying and failing to win over Billie, but Spencer’s “dark shadow” just won’t leave her alone. That moment when they touch hands while staring nauseatingly at the Statue of Liberty (enough with the clichés, please) had us audibly groaning. “Even the promiscuous animals would like a shot at love” though, as Spencer reminds us.

Of course, Alex ‘Lego Head’ Mytton is back as promised, begging Binks to meet him at the fountain in Central Park on the dot of 9pm, as if their relationship wasn’t the most unromantic, least fairytale-like thing, quite possibly ever.

He’s a goner though, thank goodness, having tried to hook up with the “love of Jamie’s life”, Tara. Not Tara, Alex! Not Tara! In both Jamie and Binks’ words, he really is a “piece of s***”.  Next!