Penny Dreadful, Sky Atlantic - TV review


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Unconventional posthumous options were available in the concluding episode of Sky Atlantic’s gothic horror series Penny Dreadful. Billie Piper’s character Brona Croft, the consumptive Irish prostitute may have died a gruesome death, but that doesn’t prevent her from involvement in series two. Not if Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) has anything to do with it. After treating Brona on her deathbed, the young doctor gave this chilling reassurance to grieving Ethan (Josh Hartnett): “Don’t worry... I’ll take care of the body.”

Dr Frankenstein had finally given into his creature’s demand for a mate – and if you’ve seen Rory Kinnear’s performance as Caliban, that’s almost understandable. Though he was fresh from trying to choke Maud in her dressing room, Caliban still managed to evoke our sympathies. “Thank you for your kindness, Vincent,” he said as he was once more cast out on to the streets. “I’ve not known much of it.”

When Penny Dreadful began eight weeks ago, it wasn’t obvious it would make good on the promise of its cast, but this satisfying finale rewarded loyal viewers. Series two should be even better.