Review: Whitechapel, ITV1

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What is it? The detective drama returns to ITV1 – and to the place of the title – for a third series. Rupert Penry-Jones and Phil Davis are back as DI Chandler and DS Miles.

The Independent says: "It now combines the cryptic clues and whizzy, nocturnal London jump-cuts of Sherlock with the knitted bloodshed and archness of Midsomer Murders. As a fan of both, I approve, but for some that may well sound like a fate worse than death."

They say: Metro: "[the] story, built around torture, witches and rats, was another entry in the Midsomer Murders Weird Murder Method Memorial Shield. In this case, crushed by stones …. The modern hustle of Whitechapel in 2013 scarcely gets a look in – at times this is a contemporary crime drama only in modern dress." Radio Times: "It's silly, yet classy, violent but fun … corridors are dimly lit and flutter with menace. In fact the lightbulbs in Whitechapel police station are so underpowered I'm surprised no one has instituted a risk assessment."

You say: @Mandy_White63: "Force-feeding a rat with stones? Burning an old lady at the stake? Great stuff! #WitchHunt #HidesBroomstick" @Jennifer3R "Wtf is whitechapel #weirdprogramme"

Details: watch on Weds, ITV1 9pm; (until 4 Oct).