The Apprentice 2014 - review: Comedy turns to cruelty as trio face the 'You're fired' finger

The knives were out for three contestants this week

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No one can accuse Lord Sugar of suffering fatuous fools gladly. Or not for very long anyway.

Social worker Steven Ugoalah, business graduate Ella Jade Bitton and former PA and hypnotherapist Sarah Dales bit the boardroom dust this week. That “lipstick and short skirts” comment was always going to come back to haunt the latter.

But forget about the firings, this week’s challenge reveals just how much of a joke The Apprentice has become.

The candidates were asked to make their own YouTube channel and content for internet publisher BuzzFeed.

Karren Brady’s scathing remarks about team Tenacity’s ‘Fat Daddy’s Fitness Hell’ videos might well have been made about the programme itself: it all starts out being quite funny and informative but quickly becomes cruel.

The Apprentice might once have been about business but over the last decade the bitching and backstabbing have taken centre stage. Dear old rent-a-quote Apprentice alumna Katie Hopkins is the prime example of what the show is really about.

Lord Sugar (and his aides, too) is out of his depth in this new-fangled digital world. Al-Sugz might be trying to get down with the kids but you can see that he doesn’t “get it” as he disdainfully utters the word “BuzzFeed”.

Expert frowner and eyebrow crumpler, Nick Hewer, too, questions whether anyone would find Team Summit’s cookery videos funny? The answer is only eight to ten-year-olds.

The truth is both teams would have got far more views making a parody videos of The Apprentice – oh wait…