The Apprentice final, BBC1, review: Ambitious Mark Wright impresses Lord Sugar

The show knows it's the nitwits who really make for great television and past contestants were back in force to help

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The 10th series of The Apprentice (BBC1) reached its conclusion tonight, naming ambitious Australian Mark Wright as the recipient of Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment.

The Apprentice 2014 final - as it happened

The digital sales manager and possible android impressed a roomful of industry experts with a confident pitch for his online marketing agency ClimbOnline. His mortal enemy Daniel will be delighted. Not.

Semi-competent operators like Mark and Bianca are all very well, but The Apprentice knows it’s the nitwits who really make for great television.

Past contestants were back in force last night to help – or, more likely hinder – the two finalists.

It might seem like common sense to put two clowns like James and Solomon in charge of “entertainment”, but when their lycra-clad dancers began miming a rock climb during Mark’s ClimbOnline presentation (geddit?!), Lord Sugar actually hung his head in shame.

Past Apprentice winners - where are they now?

Sarah Dales was the last to be picked for Mark’s team and Daniel was an even less gracious addition to Bianca’s. “You got me fired, but I hate Mark more,” he reassured her.

That’s The Apprentice: faultlessly professional, right to the finish line.