The Job Centre, TV review: After the likes of Benefits Street, this is a breath of fresh air

Bradford-based independent recruitment firm Candelisa People is the subject of the occasionally bonkers but ultimately heart-warming programme

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"If you could be any kitchen appliance which would you be, and why?" That was one of the questions during an interview for a role selling, er, stationery. The position was being filled by Candelisa People, the Bradford-based independent recruitment firm that's the subject of occasionally bonkers but ultimately heart-warming The Job Centre.

At its head is Jane Vincent, a force to be reckoned with who will stop at nothing to win contracts, including getting on her hands and knees to scrub toilets in the local Marriott. The dirty work paid off – Candelisa got the gig and Jane would know exactly how to instruct any potential employees.

This was TV in the vein of Channel 4's Educating series - the staff really cared. Particularly Carlos, the industrial recruiter tasked with filling those menial jobs no-one asks careers advisors about. He drove troubled new recruit Danny to a factory job to ensure he turned up on time. Danny was later fired for going off sick and Carlos suspected too many "spicy" smelling cigarettes were the problem. Undeterred, he warned his charge off the weed and found him another gig.

After the likes of Benefits Street, what a breath of fresh air it was to be shown the more common reality: people want to work, some just need a helping hand.