X Factor 2014: Movie Week sends Jay James and company into karaoke mode

Most of the performances were stale and cheesier than a chunk of Blue Stilton left out for a month

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Jay James strays into karaoke territory this week with a so-so rendition of Adele’s Skyfall. It’s just a bog-standard, boring performance.

Yes, he looks suitably suave and Bond-esque in his suit coupled with the designer stubble - but Cheryl hits the nail on the head: it just lacks the passion of the original.

Though compared to last week’s left field version of the Proclaimers' iconic I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), it was far more palatable.

Let’s face it, 500 miles should only ever be sung at the top of your lungs with a pint of Tennent’s in one hand and fist-pumping the air with the other, while marching on the spot.


To be honest, none of the acts fare much better in Movie Week. The problem is that the song choices have been done so many times before. Unless these tracks are given a new spin they feel stale and cheesier than a chunk of Blue Stilton that’s been left out for a month.

Whatever Simon may have to say the iTunes chart, even the darling baby of the show, Lauren Platt and her straight up version of Let it Go from Frozen was a bit mediocre. She is a little pop princess in-the-making but she doesn’t hit the spot.

Perhaps the judges didn’t get it quite right with their alternative spins on Eighties classics last week – Jay James is our case in point - but at least they offered audiences something new unlike tonight.